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Online students should use this guide to become familiar with the Library and research resources they have available to them as GCC students


This guide will take you through

the process of how to conduct

online research at GCC in

a step-by-step manner. 

For more support or if you

have any questions,

contact us at:

A Tip

If you need immediate

assistance, a Librarian is often

available to answer questions

during the day.  The chat box

to the right of the screen that

says "Ask Alex" enables you

to have a chat session with

a Librarian.  If a Librarian is

unavailable, leave a message

with your email address

and we will get back to you

within one academic day.

Get a Library Card

The first step towards being able to access great information through the GCC Library is to get a Library Card.  Research databases and ebooks can be accessed with your Library Card number.  When you fill out this form, you will receive your card in the mail within a few days.If you need your number sooner than that, email us at

Get your card by clicking on the picture of our Library:




Once you have  your card, click onto one of the other tabs at the top of the screen to conduct the type of research you need!



Subject Guide

Eric Poulin